Hello Small Business Owner

Do you have a hard time thinking you are a small business owner? Do you fear telling people you meet that you own a small business?

Do you find yourself falling back on the safety net that it's all "just a hobby" or "just for fun" ?  There is absolutely no risk involved if we give ourselves an easy out. Hobbies are cute. Small businesses require commitments.

My friend is starting her photography business. She does not consider it a "small business". She smiles and softly withdraws into a protective shell when she talks about - this little thing she does for fun. I can see her insecurity in claiming it as a business. She does not have the time to dedicate to a massive empire.

My friend does not have a million followers on Facebook - how could it possibly be a real business? And she definitely has not made enough play money for that beach vacation she dreams about. So right now her love for clicking a camera is still cute and harmless. Yet down deep she wants to start her company.

small business owner

This week confidently proclaim, "I am a small business owner". If you have 30 clients or working on your 1st. If you tell one friend at the school pick-up line, or announce it on Facebook that you are finally doing something with this passion that bubbles up inside of you.

We both know ... How you view yourself will build confidence in how others see you.

I used to call myself a Blogger (just a blogger) until the glorious day someone actually paid me real money for my words. I immediately transformed into a Freelance Writer. *Tada* I've never signed a book deal, who knows if I ever will! But brands wanted to work with Freelance Writers rather than Mommy Bloggers. How you see yourself, what you call your dream ... it matters!

Hello Small Business Owner!

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