Planning Your Small Event

planning small event

Small events offer a great opportunity to meet people in your community, share your small business with your friends' friends, and get the buzz out about what you're doing.

Plan of Attack:
Decide what you want to accomplish. What is the purpose for the event? If you are just hoping to throw a party with fingers crossed that you will magically gain some traction ... it might not go so well. Know why you are doing this event and plan accordingly.

Where are you hosting your event? Solidify dates and hours if you do not own the location. Be sure to pick a date that will give you enough time to promote your event and buy/make the supplies you need! Two weeks is not enough time.  Promote your event where your clients / attendees are hanging out. People are more likely to invite friends or share a Facebook Event than a printed flyer.

Decide what you are going to offer. Snacks - catering or homemade? Samples - who will make them or where can you buy them? Decorations: candles, table centerpieces, balloons, books, etc. can add a touch of class to your event.

Provide a "Guest Book". You want to know who showed up and how to contact them for other events or sales. This is the perfect opportunity to collect snail mail and email addresses! Even if they are not buying what you have today - they are a "potential client" for another date. You should always be building this list of potential clients.

Provide something your attendees can take home. Give away something that will be a reminder of the event: sticker, key chain, calendar, balloon, inspirational note, business card, pen, discount to sign up now, gift certificate for a later purchase, etc. Physical reminders will pop up much longer after an event has been forgotten.

Market your Event!
You want to get on people's calendars quick. Be a broken record until the day of your event. Send snail mail "Save the Date" reminders, email reminders, Facebook updates, Instagram posts, etc. We are a very busy (and forgetful) society.  Share ideas to help people remember your event, "Add us to your Google Calendar", etc. Enlist a few faithful friends to brag about your event and share the information.

Things to ask yourself ...
Am I presenting a clear message? Do people know why they're coming out?
Am I offering a way to keep in touch? Do people have a place to leave their contact info?
Am I answering their questions? Will people feel it was time well spent?
Am I sharing my information? Do people know how to connect with me?

Small events are the perfect chance to show of your unique style in an intimate setting. Don't neglect little details, but be sure to give yourself enough time to promote - or no one will be there to see them!

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