How do we get started?

Contact me to schedule a phone call. I do not propose a box set marketing plan, because I like to hear what my clients need. Each small business is unique and therefore I treat each one differently.

Once we get on the phone - or sit down to chat, tell me your goals - short and long term. Let's discuss some practical goals and ways you can achieve them. Tell me areas where you are lacking time, knowledge, etc. and what you've been really great at working (Facebook, WordPress, etc.)  I do not force my clients to hop on every social media platform and work themselves silly. I offer suggestions within your range of comfort.

At the end of our conversation I will have a better idea of how we can work together, length of time, and which package will work for you. I will email you a proposal and scope of work. Once you agree to the terms (price, time, etc.) you will need to fill out and submit a Digital Agreement.

SML Strategy reserves the right to decline any work based on current work load or other related circumstances that prevent giving a project our full resources and attention. Click on the image below to see our Services.